Basic Police Academy Modular Level One #16 Registration Info/Checklist

Read this page in its entirety.

To qualify for this course, you must have a BAM Level Two Certificate, with a course completion date of within 12 months of the start date of this course. You must be fully registered, have all completed documents submitted and all fees paid in full in order to attend Day One of this class.

In addition, you must have passing test scores as follows:

  • POST written exam T-score of 48 or higher
  • WSTB physical agility minimum score of 320 and successful completion of 1.5 mile run

Passing scores from another agency may be accepted if they fulfill the prerequisite criteria as stated above and if dated within one year of the start date of this class. Submit for Academy Director approval via email.


  • If you completed Level Two training with us and meet the time specifications as described above, contact Majory Saade to register.
  • If it has been more than 12 months since receiving your Level Two certificate (or it will be by the start date of this course), you must schedule and pass a Level Two exit exam through our main office. Your name will be placed on a class wait list until you pass the exam.
  • If you completed your Level Two training elsewhere, you must submit a POST Training Profile. Visit the POST Forms page and click on POST Profile Request for filing information. While awaiting Profile processing, contact our main office to be placed on a waiting list for the course.


Once you have paid the deposit, email the following to Majory Saade:

  • Application:
    • Apply to Gavilan College through OpenCCC (this is a multi-step process detailed here)
    • Submit the form found in the link as soon as you obtain both ID numbers
  • BAM Level One Cover Sheet
  • Photocopy/scan of your valid CA driver's license 
  • Photocopy/scan of front and back of your medical insurance card; you must have coverage for the duration of the course
  • 3-year DMV abstract (request from a DMV office); must be dated within 90 days from the start date of your course

Originals of the following must be brought in prior to the first day of class (adhere to time specifications):

  • DOJ -- take this form to a Livescan location (use a law enforcement facility to avoid possible delays in your clearance). Your clearance must be dated within six months prior to the start date of the class. We need the original document that the DOJ will mail to you after your fingerprints are submitted; not the receipt the Livescan operator hands to you on the day they take your prints. Be advised: DOJ does not offer expedited services.
  • Medical Exam Report -- take these pages to your physician to complete no sooner than 30 days prior to the start date of your course.

Every recruit (including agency recruits bringing their own personal firearms) must submit proof of ownership for their firearm. Agency recruits supplied with agency firearms are exempt. If you have recently purchased a new firearm, bring in your receipt of ownership. Otherwise, you must complete the appropriate form below, have it notarized, then mail it and the required form fees to DOJ. Note: Since DOJ can get backlogged processing these forms, email a copy of the signed and notarized form prior to sending the original to DOJ.

PT Gear/Materials:

  • Visit our office at least one month prior to class start date to be fitted for PT gear. PT fittings can be completed at the San Jose office without an appointment Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.
  • You will have access to certain class materials via Dropbox. Hard copy versions are available for an additional fee. Be sure to notify staff immediately to place an order for printed material.


Fees for additional gear and/or materials must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to start date of class.

Reference items:

  • Student Needs List -- review this doc as soon as possible and, if you do not already have one, proceed with the handgun process early -- you will have to take into account imposed waiting periods and other additional requirements may vary by supplier.
  • Orientation Letter

Financial Aid:

Limited financial aid may be available for this course, but you may qualify at minimum for the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver), which helps cover the registration portion of your course fees. Click here for more information.

If you have any registration questions, please contact our main office at 408-229-4299.